Financial aid, internships, work study and economic scholarships are all available to students enrolled in the program.


HISA is an American university level study abroad program. Our strong concentration on personalized study, commitment to creativity, along with our specialized range of courses are tailored to fit a progressive university level curriculum. This allows us to maximize the amount of college credit our students can receive. In contrast to other study abroad programs in Europe, ours is a small, select, autonomous, and student-friendly program. We try to keep enrollment under twenty-five students per semester, giving our teachers and artists the time to help students focus on their academic and artistic goals.

The Admissions process is on a rolling basis, though space is limited so it is best to apply early. There are no strict prerequisites for acceptance. What we consider most important in the application process is a student's seriousness of intent, maturity of purpose, and sense of personal responsibility. If needed, our counselling staff is available to help students select the courses that will optimize their degree requirements. All courses at HISA are fully accredited. Our transcripts are issued by either HISA directly or by two affliated American universities. Students may take up to 18 credits.