Financial aid, internships, work study and economic scholarships are all available to students enrolled in the program.


Undergraduates follow a very simple Application Process found under our Application tab. There are five short sections to be filled out. Course and semester selection during this application process is not binding, and can be altered at a later date. Please take your time to fill out the background and comments sections of the application, as these are the sections that really enable an applicant to distinguish oneself.

Many HISA Students choose to stay on after completion of one semester, to have more time to immerse themselves in the culture and to continue learning and growing with our program. If you are considering continuing your studies, simply speak to an officer from our Admissions department, and they will assist you with the process.

Students interested in the Japan Summer session or Thailand winter session. To complete your application on this site, choose any July summer session, and specify in your comments that you would like to study in Japan. Alternatively, you can inquire via email to join the program. To join the Thailand winter session, simply send an email.