Financial aid, internships, work study and economic scholarships are all available to students enrolled in the program.



Many students currently attending or recently finished high school wish to postpone college for a semester or a full year for a variety of reasons, or simply to make the most of their summer. Some desire a bit of travel; others wish to experience an immersion in a foreign culture; while some are looking for a chance to pursue studies in an atmosphere of greater choice or concentration in a single discipline such as Painting, Photography, or Creative Writing. HISA endorses the Gap Year concept and actively encourages high school graduates to join our university participants in our full semester program.

Gap Year participants receive the same kind of individualized attention at HISA’s as those already enrolled in a college, with the important exception that they will be assigned a mentor instructor, determined by their field of study, who will help to ensure the student understands their coursework and to offer special attention for the creative projects the student engages in. By interacting with classmates a year or two ahead, gap year students can benefit from their experience. We invite all Gap Year students who are looking for a program that respects their creative and academic interests to join us. At HISA, they will be free to experiment and grow as individuals in a non-judgmental and supportive atmosphere.

Gap Year students may also entitle to a special discount through HISA. To apply and receive reduced tuition, simply fill out the application form to get in touch with our staff (with the name of the accepted college/university if there are).