Financial aid, internships, work study and economic scholarships are all available to students enrolled in the program.


HISA believes that every serious-minded applicant committed to attending our program should be given that opportunity. Our unique status as a 501 ( c ) (3) tax-exempt non-profit educational organization, means that via donations and endowments we have a limited number of grants and scholarship opportunities. Once accepted to the program, students may apply and each application for aid will be taken seriously. In all cases where aid is awarded, an amount of work study is required. Work study, internships and teacher’s aid are considered official duties and can, if students wish, appear on their resumes and letters of recommendation, enhancing their educational background.

As a fully accredited program, affiliated with two American degree bearing universities for the issuance of transcripts, HISA can assist in the processing of Federal Aid and, in many cases, institutional school aid, either directly or via a Consortium Agreement with your school. Please make certain you contact your financial aid office in a timely manner to familiarize yourself with their deadlines for financial aid and Consortium Agreement transactions.