Financial aid, internships, work study and economic scholarships are all available to students enrolled in the program.


Over the past decade HISA has hosted nearly 500 students from universities across the US, as well as internationally. Parallel to HISA’s vision to bridge professional artistic mentoring with individually guided study is its determination to make certain students are granted credit. More than one hundred American schools have been granted credit for study at HISA, accepting our transcript directly. However, to ensure that all students receive credit, HISA has established formal affiliations with a prestigious American university, who carefully vetted HISA's syllabi and faculty and issue official transcripts to qualified HISA students. Students and home institution study abroad offices concerned with credit transfer to their respective schools can be assured that the process by which HISA's courses were accredited was a rigorous one, applying the highest standards.

All HISA full time instructors possess either a Masters or a Ph.D., and contributing and visiting teaching artists are accomplished professionals in their fields and have submitted artistic work for evaluation before being allowed to participate in the program. In the following link are four steps which, when completed, will ensure that all credits earned at HISA will count towards your home school degree.

Perspective students should contact their home institution’s study abroad office to ensure that they comply with the requirements for study abroad. In order to maintain their enrollment status, facilitate academic credit transfer and to use any applicable financial aid it is important that students follow their school’s requirements for study abroad. Please read Credit Transfer Process Page