Financial aid, internships, work study and economic scholarships are all available to students enrolled in the program.


Step One: Discuss with your study abroad advisor the core and elective courses that you need. Then match those with what HISA offers.

Step Two: Determine whether or not your school will accept (or has accepted in the past) an official HISA Transcript. If not, HISA will register you with our university transcript partner (this US School of Record transcript requires pre-registration and extra fee may apply). One way or the other, students are assured of a smooth credit transfer.

Step Three: Discuss with your financial aid advisors the method by which your school arranges their study abroad financial aid transfer. HISA is able to process Consortium Agreements, should they be part of your school’s financial aid process.

Step Four: Upon successful completion of your courses at HISA, you will receive either an Official HISA transcript, or one from our transcript School of Record partners for the pre-registered students.