HISA faculty members are adept at working one on one with students in a cooperative and mentoring fashion. Study at Hellenic International in the Arts is a collaborative effort of students and teachers together.

Elke Grenzer

Elke Grenzer, the Director of Student Admissions and Program Development is a cultural sociologist with publications related to the controversies and issues surrounding the aesthetics of memorialization, collective memory and architecture. She holds a PhD and Graduate Specialist Diploma in European Studies from York University and has promoted the value of experiential learning and teaching through her research and as the organizer of academic conferences in Berlin, Toronto, Montreal, Liverpool, Athens and New York. Working together with artists, policy makers, faculty, students and cultural workers, Elke has helped to create programs across a multi-disciplinary field. Most recently, as head of the International Association for the Study of the Culture of Cities (IASCC), she directed a five year cycle on Scenes of Urban Innovation.