HISA faculty members are adept at working one on one with students in a cooperative and mentoring fashion. Study at Hellenic International in the Arts is a collaborative effort of students and teachers together.


BARRY TAGRIN, the founding Director of the HISA program, leads discussions in both the Philosophy and Creative Writing programs. He holds a Masters Degree with honors in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University, and a bachelors degree in Political Science from Cal State Long Beach.

During the seventies he was a member of the San Francisco Poetry Workshop, a unique grouping of the major poets of the day where an open (and often radical) exchange of ideas helped him expand his poetic themes and critically examine his work. A writer of direct, complex and emotionally driven poetry, his poems illuminate a deeply romantic and loved world of interpersonal relations; tenderness, loyalty, and tolerance lay at the base of his human ideals.

His teaching years began in Japan, with an internship that included a country-wide lecture series on America’s post-modern poets. From there on, a life of travel and discovery led him across the planet for some twenty years. Teaching for a living, believing in the dream of learning and sharing knowledge, he lived and worked in Pamplona, Spain, at the University of Navarra; was language and literature coordinator for the Texas International Educational Consortium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; a Fulbright scholar for American studies in Egypt, and four years with Texas A&M in Koriyama, Japan, as senior coordinator for social and linguistics studies.

Domestically settled on Paros island from 1981, he envisioned an experiential study abroad program that could benefit students in their most sound, insightful selves. His latest book of poems, Collage of the Soul, is now available on Amazon.com.