HISA faculty members are adept at working one on one with students in a cooperative and mentoring fashion. Study at Hellenic International in the Arts is a collaborative effort of students and teachers together.


photos left to right: Barry Cooper, Linda Gregg's reading in Paros, Aristidis Varrias

Former contributors play a large part in the design and implementation of the program. In the last ten years, more than 30 artists, professors and performers have lent their creative and academic talents to HISA, helping us enrich the HISA experience. As artists in residence, adjunct professors or guest lecturers, these individuals have helped HISA bring about the concentrated inspiration and challenging atmosphere students need to advance their personal art and academic goals. Below is a selection.

Barry Cooper, HISA adjunct faculty member. He is a sculptor and painter out of the Royal College of Art in London. In addition to exhibiting his work in a multitude of galleries and public sites, Barry has collaborated with a wide variety of artists, first with Aristides Varrias, helping to found the European Community of Stones, ECOS, and later with Helen Ottaway, and video artist Al Morrison, in a theatre performance entitled “Round and Round”: a sequence of 12 paintings where video projected onto a screen behind Helen while she performed 12 short piano pieces related to specific areas of the color spectrum.

Aristidis Varrias, Eminent sculptor and writer, and frequent visiting professor at HISA. Aristides works with the local Parian marble, hand shaping pristine and emotional pieces, often leaving a natural unfinished portion of the true stone. His recent collection Ryades, 12 abstract figures inspired by the poetry of Elytis, is sculpted on Opal. All his other work is sculpted on latypes of Parian Marble, the “Parian Lithos” of the ancient world, which was famous for its whiteness, transparency and smoothness. They are also sculpted with the same simple instruments, which the ancient Greek sculptors used.

Larry Felson, HISA adjunct faculty member. A gifted lyric poet and social activist, with a Masters in Creative Writing out of San Francisco State University, Felson has been instrumental in shaping the writing and literature program at HISA. Adept at working one on one with students, his mentoring style and acute sense of humanity have helped many students progress in their writing, as well as gaining a broader understanding of the whole of today’s complex and often confrontational global environment.

David Meyer, artist in residence at HISA and guest teacher in 2008 fall. David’s work explores various concepts associated with experience through an abundance of non-traditional and traditional materials and processes. The work ranges from site-specific installation art and large-scale outdoor commissions to simple objects that compel the viewer to take a second look. While at HISA, David worked with students both in the studio and in environments across the island, using stone, wood, sand, and found objects, along with his spirited imagination to assemble installations and works of self-reflective, inspirational force. David is currently associate professor and overseer of the Sculpture department at the University of Delaware. Please see his website to view his latest work and upcoming exhibitions.

Jack Gilbert, (1922-2012) was writing workshop guest lecturer and reader at HISA. Gilbert is the author of The Dance Most of All (Knopf, 2009); Transgressions: Selected Poems (Bloodaxe Books 2006); Refusing Heaven (2005); winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award, and The Great Fires: Poems 1982-1992 (1996). He has been awarded a Lannan Literary Award for Poetry and a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Monolithos won the Stanley Kunitz Prize and the American Poetry Review Prize, and Views of Jeopardy won the Yale Younger Poets Series. Both books were nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Gilbert was the 1999-2000 Grace Hazard Conkling writer-in-residence at Smith College and a visiting professor and writer-in-residence at the University of Tennessee in 2004.

Linda Gregg, writing workshop guest lecturer and reader at HISA. Her honors include a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Lannan Literary Foundation Fellowship, a National Endowment for the Arts grant, a Whiting Writer's Award, as well as multiple Pushcart Prizes. She was the 2003 winner of the Sara Teasdale Award and the 2006 PEN/Voelcker Award winner for Poetry. She has taught at the University of Iowa, Columbia University, and the University of California at Berkeley. She currently lives in New York and teaches at Princeton University.

Jason Shinder, (1955–2008) was a writing workshop guest lecturer and reader at HISA. He was the founder and director of the YMCA National Writer's Voice, as well as the director of Sundance Institute's Writing Program. He taught in the graduate writing programs at Bennington College and the New School. He is the author of Among Women (Graywolf Press, 2001), Every Room We Ever Slept In (1993), a NY Public Library Notable Book, and the chapbook Uncertain Hours. A close friend of HISA’s Director, a scholarship grant has been opened in his name.

Amy Trachtenberg, a prolific and talented artist, taught painting at HISA in the fall semester 2004. Instrumental in shaping the design of HISA’s art workshop, her experience and vision helped to deepen HISA’s commitment to cutting edge creative and experimental art.

Marco Zino, a beautifully spirited and brilliant Italian Sculptor, works with a wide variety of materials. His studio in Tuscany pays tribute to this man’s incredible energy and talents, with impressive, often huge works in clay, hammered into masterpieces with a wooden mallet. “Zeno picked up from the ground a clump of damp earth and in a matter of minutes had molded an exquisite mask,” said one of HISA’s students attending his sculpture workshop, set in the mountains of Paros.