HISA faculty members are adept at working one on one with students in a cooperative and mentoring fashion. Study at Hellenic International in the Arts is a collaborative effort of students and teachers together.


Yuko Yamauchi, Associate Director and Student Affairs Coordinator, is a graduate of Hokkaido University Medical School in Sapporo, Japan, and a certified occupational therapist. For six years she worked in Rehabilitation Therapy for the Red Cross Hospital in northern Hokkaido. Recently earning her degree in Psychology from University of Indianapolis, she plays an important role in HISA’s program both as counselor and coordinator of student affairs. She also oversees the orientation and cultural excursion modules so integral to HISA’s vision of social and creative immersion into the Greek island atmosphere. Her liaison duties include arranging visits by international artists and writers for workshops and lectures, as well as coordinating all the necessary needs for HISA’s Faculty Led Study Abroad Program. She also designed and maintains HISA’s Kyoto, Japan, summer Art and Culture course.