Hellenic International Studies in the Arts intensive summer program includes cultural study, photography and journalism and creative writing. Short stories, memoirs and autobiographic journals are all covered.


HISA’s historical sites component compliments material covered in class by exposing students to the breadth of island culture and art, introducing them to relevant archaeological sites on the Greek Islands. Civilization through the ages is revealed in a wealth of Cycladic artifacts, Minoan frescoes, Archaic sculpture, and Classical sanctuaries on Delos, Myconos, Naxos, and Santorini.

Immersed in this rich historical context, students find inspiration for their creative and academic projects. We retrace the footsteps of pilgrims and Roman soldiers on the Byzantine trail and investigate fortified settlements and tower houses once ruled by the Venetians and Ottomans. Exploring island landscapes including the fertile valleys and rugged mountains of Naxos, the sea-caves of Antiparos, the vast volcanic crater of Santorini, the ancient quarries, terraces, and quiet coves of Paros, allows students to appreciate the natural diversity of the Cyclades.

It is HISA's desire to provide students with a sense of being on Paros, and in Greece, giving them the academic, artistic and experiential lift essential to their educational and career goals.

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