Hellenic International Studies in the Arts intensive summer program includes cultural study, photography and journalism and creative writing. Short stories, memoirs and autobiographic journals are all covered.


This course is designed to alert students to the various ways in which works of literature (novel, short story, and play) are translated to the screen. A selection of films drawn from different literary genres will be considered in order to gain a sense of the historical development of literature and cinema. Students will learn to critique the disparate elements of acting, direction, and in particular the script, while lectures and class discussions will examine how the screenwriter has selected, edited, or changed the literary text. An in-depth exploration will be made into why such choices have been made and consider the effectiveness of such adaptations. Particular emphasis will be placed upon the patterning of thought and theme, evoking a cross-disciplinary analysis of the archetypes central to the Literature and Creative Writing courses. Students will learn to view film and literature as synergistic art forms, appreciating the differences and convergence of the narrative method in both disciplines, thus deepening their critical abilities. 3 credits.