Personal Items and traveling needs: Swimming suits, rain jacket or wind breaker, sweater, hiking boots or trekking shoes (already worn in), home campus student ID card, photocopy of first page of passport, money belt, a cabin size bag for the mid-term trip, electric adapter plug, USB flash drive (above 16GB). Cosmetics and medicines, bring a copy of prescriptions with chemical ingredients (not only brand name) if necessary. The medicine should be kept in the original box. No need to bring linens, all are provided.

Class related items: All basic texts are provided by HISA. Though art and photo supplies can be bought in Paros, we ask students enrolled in the painting courses bring a minimum of 5 brushes (pointed XS & S-M & L, flat S & L) 6-8 primary colors, acrylic or oil paints (acrylic recommended). Watercolor or acrylic is more appropriate for summer painting students. For the B&W Photography class: chemicals are provided, but bring a SLR camera (manual adjustment functions), at least 10 rolls of BW film with ISO400 (suggested brand Kodak TMAX 400 ASA) and 50 sheets of RC 8 × 10 inch glossy photo paper. Photosensitive materials MUST be taken as carry-on luggage, asking a hand-check at the security check counter so they do not expose them to X-ray nor open them outside a special darkroom. Summer July photo students MUST bring 5 films and 10 sheets of paper due to the time limitation for ordering in Paros. For Digital Imaging: a DSLR camera or mirrorless camera (with manual adjustment) and laptop, with Photoshop if possible. For Interrelated Media class: HISA provides basic materials & tools. Special materials, should you need them, can usually be bought on Paros. Creative Writing students may want to purchase your instructor's book at Amazon.

Shipping Policy: Do not ship any items of value (cameras, laptops, medicines). If possible, avoid to ship anything. It is possible that any package can be highly taxed at custom even random personal items. If sending by FEDEX or DHL ALWAYS put HISA’s telephone number +30 6948516797. Address is: HISA, 11, Paroikia, Paros, Cyclades, 84400 Greece.