Maria Babrick / Spring 2010 / Grand Valley State University

Maria joined HISA for the sprint semester of 2010. In her blog she describes her experiences on HISA excursions through Paros and to other islands, complete with pictures form her time here. She also has a page dedicated to the mid-term Turkey trip, in which the students traveled to Selcuk, Ephesus, Pamukale, and Cappadoccia.

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Arielle / Fall 2011 / Point Loma University

“I'm a sophomore at Point Loma, in San Diego, California. I'm majoring in Psychology, and I would love to make a career out of writing (screen, novel, short-story, etc). I'm studying abroad for a semester on the cycladic island of Paros, Greece. Along with this Mediterranean setting, I'll be traveling elsewhere to countries like France, Italy, and England! This blog was created to share experiences, hardships, adventures, struggles, new friends, and not to mention the incredible food I'll be experiencing! Enjoy and welcome to my big fat Greek adventure!”

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Kearstin Grace / Fall 2012 / Heidelberg University

Kearstin Grace has created an insightful blog that describes her personal journey through the self-realization process enabled by studying abroad. Through her four part series, we understand how study abroad is more than schooling, but a potential growth opportunity.

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Ashley Richardson / Summer 2013 / Grand Valley State University

“As many of you know, I will be leaving to study abroad on Paros Island in Greece in a few short weeks with Athena Study Abroad! I will be taking a creative writing course, along with a photography course, totaling 6 credits overall to transfer back to Grand Valley for my last general education requirement! It's my goal to keep you guys updated on everything I'm experiencing! I can't wait to share my journey with you guys while I'm in Greece!! Check back in early June to see how I'm doing!! :)”

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