The full immersion social oriented study abroad program allows students to interact with other artists, sculptors and writers in the Greek and International community of artists living and working on Paros, Greece.


Setting ceramics for firing in an earth kiln on Thapsana Mt.


Unique among university and study abroad programs, HISA’s studio art courses provide students with an innovative and experimental environment, reinforced with direct exposure to the history of literary and visual culture in Greece. Excursions to archaeological sites, museums, and gallery exhibitions are intended to compliment intellectual and creative discourse in class. Students develop a visual vocabulary and critically examine their own artistic processes in an open learning environment.

Through critique and hands-on problem solving, courses encourage critical thinking, imagination, creativity, and intellectual freedom. Technical, aesthetic, and conceptual issues span the breadth of historical and contemporary art practices. A cross-section of local and internationally recognized photographers, painters, media artists, and informed critics provides students with rich resources for personal growth. Over the course of the semester, students are asked to recognize an emerging line of personal identity in their creative projects, culminating in an exhibition of their work, open to the island community.

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