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To apply for financial aid a student must be accepted into either a semester or year long HISA program. The awards are open to all equally and though limited in number are awarded each semester. Where called for in the grant application, please submit creative and personal written material. Portfolio requirements should, where possible, be properly optimized for online viewing, unless otherwise instructed. Workstudy is required of any recipient of the scholarships and grants listed below.

Accelerated Enrollment Discount: Secure your spot with a completed application and deposit within 30 days and save $1,000 on your Semester tuition or $300 on your Summer tuition. 

The HISA Photography Fellowship ($1,000): This grant is designed for the career-oriented HISA student who during their period of study on Paros will assemble a photographic or video portfolio reflective of their semester. The recipient of this scholarship can be from any academic discipline but must demonstrate the disciplined attitude and creative ability to take on such a project. In order to apply, applicants should submit a short and concise essay that lays out their concept for such a portfolio and submit along with it a series of 20 photos or a short video. The semester portfolio and its contents will become part of the HISA archive of its semester, and the student will receive a fellowship credit for their work.

Tuition Grant ($250-$2000): A limited number of tuition grants are available to accepted HISA full semester applicants whose economic/financial support is limited. The applicants in such a need must apply directly to the HISA administration submitting a straightforward history of their financial needs.

Workstudy: This is required of any recipient of the above scholarships or grants. If you are applying only for a workstudy grant, and positions are open, grants vary from $250-500, and can be deducted from your tuition. Work duties and hours vary.

Room/Friend Share Discount: Students who submit applications together with a friend(s), and are willing to share an apartment, are eligible for a $1000 reduction each (full semester only). This discount is automatic and does NOT require a written application.

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