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The main feature of student life at HISA is independence, where one can enjoy a creative and experiential lifestyle. For this reason, HISA's beach accommodation provides each student with their own private room, complete with a kitchenette and balcony. HISA’s faculty and staff have also arranged for an array of activities where students can socialize, make new friends, and explore personal aspirations. On an academic and artful level, HISA has set aside work stations and studio spaces where students can work in a quiet and self-reflective way.


As an integral part of the Parian community, HISA has been able to develop personal relationships with the local administration, the doctors at the town clinic, and the business community. Even though Paros island is an oasis of safety, HISA has still made student security one of our main concerns. Particular attention has been given to an in-depth orientation on manners of behavior, personal security, and relations with the community.


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To ensure that your educational and artistic experience on Paros is as special and rewarding as possible, HISA offers all its participants single occupancy accommodation in its Cycladic studio apartments a few meters from the beach.


The accommodations building is self-contained and secure. As well, all teachers and staff are prepared for any emergency and their mobile phones programmed with police, hospital, emergency transport, and embassy numbers.

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Shops and Food

No worries! Paros has just about everything. In Paroikia, within a few minutes walk are four supermarkets. A nice one on the waterfront is located just down from the student housing. Small, local markets are everywhere. In addition to individual vegetable and fruit markets, there is a farmer’s market at the port, not far from where the fishing boats dock with the night’s catch. There are also well-stocked international food markets, a bio food shop, and fresh vegetable shops nearby the accommodation. 


Five modern pharmacies can fill nearly any prescription and offer a wide selection of health and cosmetic products. No need to over-pack; there are numerous clothing shops, from fancy boutiques to cut-rate stores. 


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