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For the student who has conventional photography experience, this class is intended as a solid grounding in digital imaging techniques, but aims as well to move forward students who have some acquaintance with artistic digital photography. General procedures related to new technology and equipment including digital photography and digital manipulations, Photoshop basics, input and output options will be covered. The course will provide a background for contemporary thought about digital images, including a survey of current artists working with digital techniques and a discussion of these practices in terms of conceptual questions of documentation, reproduction, what is “live,” self-expression, and theories of objectivity. The current parameters of digital practice will be questioned and students will examine its potential integration into other media. We will question how digital technology might alter perception in terms of simultaneity, continuity, speed of attention, and ideas of truth. Emphasis will be to use the island as an inspiration for new ways of seeing. Over the course of the term, students will be encouraged to identify an emerging personal inquiry in the body of work produced. Studio critiques will provide feedback for these artistic investigations. During critiques, students will be challenged to explore their content’s relation to its medium and to refine their perspective.

3 credits.

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