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Maria Drakaki

Maria Drakaki, professional photographer and teacher, studied at the prestigious LEICA Academy. An activist and socially conscious artist, she began her career as a news photographer, turning later to the dramatic lure of the pure image in black and white. In addition to her group exhibitions at the LEICA Academy in 2003-2005, her exhibit “Ore Mines” was presented on the island of Serifos in 2005 and her impressive solo exhibition entitled “On the Vehicle of Time” appeared a year later in 2006. Her versatility, sense of composition, and acute relationship to the objects of her imagination, as well as a professional predilection for memorial and sacred images, is evident in the depth of emotion and poignant characterization of all her work. Of her natural and spiritual feelings , she says: “Photography is a journey of the self. One is sitting in the driver's seat, keys in hand, the eye sees the clouds running across the sky & from the half-open windows, the wind invites the soul upon a lengthy and undetermined journey… of no particular destination, all made of dreams.” Check out her photographs on her website