HISA faculty members are adept at working one on one with students in a cooperative and mentoring fashion. Study at Hellenic International in the Arts is a collaborative effort of students and teachers together.


Neva Bergemann is a painter and printmaker. She holds a Master's degree in art education and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and drawing from the University of Minnesota. Neva has been a working artist and teacher for over twenty years, exhibiting her artwork internationally as well as in various regions of the United States. Her confident and sensitive studio manner allows her students to advance at their own pace. She is adept at holding classes for beginners as well as advanced students, arranging for their progress in the areas of oil painting, watercolor, drawing, printmaking and clay. An accomplished artist with a wide range of experience, Neva enjoys working and teaching in a variety of mediums. Appreciating change, and creative energy, she is flexible and considers choice of medium to be as important as each idea or image being created, aware that watercolor, monotype or oil all have their own expressive qualities. She believes too in the certain beauty and strength of a simple line etch, as well as enjoying the layered, translucent features of an oil painting and the distinctive quality of light and absorption which results from the markings of a monotype print. In addition to her teaching in the studio, her classes are held outside at times in the breathtaking Greek landscapes of Paros.