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Photography and Digital Imaging

An intensive group studio class with discussions, lectures, and specially-designed field trips and outdoor work. Students will also be expected to shoot materials and manipulate them outside of class time in preparation for the regularly scheduled group critiques. Progress will be monitored via a mid-program critique, individual teacher-student meetings, and a final group critique at the end of the course. The summer schedule will include visits to five islands, exploration of sites and differing landscapes, the villages and it’s peoples. Some significant course work will revolve around visits to the classical sites on Paros, Delos, and Naxos; the island museums; and the spectacular environment of Thira, with its volcanic formations and unique views.

Students will explore the history and craft of photography using the beautiful and historic backdrop of Paros and other Cycladic islands as inspiration. The course will examine such topics as landscape, portraiture, and digital techniques and is structured to take full advantage of the experience of being in the Cyclades. For students who desire to work in analog black & white photography, admission is by request.


3 credits.

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