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Covers both fundamentals and further explorations in B&W analogue photography. The departure point for the class is our encounter with new cultures and peoples. Projects are designed to allow students to focus on various aspects of the new environments. There is a choice of projects designed to allow students to try a variety of approaches. Technically, the class functions somewhat like a workshop where different students may be working in very diverse ways. Some students may work with traditional black and white documentary images, others making collages and personal or impressionistic studies . The course will offer numerous demonstrations of a variety of techniques and processes which students can choose to use for one or more of the projects. Students will be encouraged to develop a personal point of view and unique vision of their experiences. The importance of research and development, as well as in-depth work in the darkroom will be emphasized in student projects. Students will have the opportunity to work more closely with a tutor as well as have the chance to work on more independent projects of their own. In addition, the unique cultural exploratory components of this course will enable each student to personalize his/her vision and mode of expression, develop and enhance visual thinking, and provide photographic interaction with Greece and Greek culture: historical and present-day.


3 credits.

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