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In an attempt to deepen students' understanding and appreciation of the rich cultural history of the Eastern Mediterranean world where they are spending the semester, visits are made to important Cycladic island sites as well as museums where appropriate. For each excursion there is a pre-visit preparation by a teacher or contributing artist, historian, folklorist or mythographer in order that participants can receive the maximum benefit from their visit. Primary emphasis is given to myth, history, event and classical religious traditions within the context of Greek, Western, and Global History rather than art history per se. Temple sites of the gods and goddesses are predominant, but visits include archaeological sites, marble quarries, and museums that showcase ancient sculpture, jewelry, artifacts, as well as later Byzantine and Venetian times. Students who will be augmenting their art and cultural immersion with creative work of their own will have the HISA art studio available for their use, and access to HISA core teaching staff in those areas for small group or one-on-one guidance.


3 credits

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