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An extended stay in Paros means you can explore all the island has to offer, from the impact of its historical and religious significance, to the richness of its contributions to art and culture. Whether on a study excursion, a weekend trek into the mountains, or an afternoon of meditative calm on one of the fine beaches, the spiritual essence of the island’s antiquity will be with you. In ancient times, disciples at the Temple of Apollo on the island’s north side sent messages by fire to inhabitants on Delos. After visiting the rugged point and sharing a lunch in the temple ruins, you can enjoy imagining what life was like back then. There is also time to explore the halls of Panagia Ekatontapiliani, or “Church of one hundred doors,” the structure a stunning example of Byzantine architecture. Not to missed as well is the display of artifacts at the nearby Paros Archaeological Museum. Part of the overall cultural immersion module include hikes into remote villages, the exploration of the Paros marble quarries, and photo opportunities of the island’s natural beauty.

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