Hellenic International Studies in the Arts intensive summer program includes cultural study, photography and journalism and creative writing. Short stories, memoirs and autobiographic journals are all covered.


HISA’s full semester studio courses are designed to merge formalistic exercises with creative, experimental work. The Art Workshop, Interrelated Media, and both the black and white and color digital elements of the Photographic program are all project based, and students are encouraged to use and explore their imaginative impulses and individualized perceptions in their artistic endeavors.

HISA’s Liberal Arts courses are all based on syllabi created to encourage discussion, insight into challenging material and the accumulation of knowledge central to intellectual and creative growth. A core element of HISA's program is that we offer an environment conducive to creative output, social interaction and positive experiences so that students can make the most progress in their art and academic work.

The individualized nature of the HISA program allows students to exercise a broad degree of autonomy over their studies and projects. As well, the wide range of courses offered, and the advanced levels available in many of them, offer students the option of concentrating in one discipline or arranging a set of core courses and electives that can most significantly advance their degree ambitions.

Woven into the overall program at all levels, is HISA’s historical sites and cultural immersion module.